Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Morning

 Super fun morning with my little furry family. We finally got a wii, so I can JUST DANCE! Woo Hoo!!!

These pics are for Denise. Thank you for our gifts & for loving my furbabies as much as you do. You will never just how much that means to me.

 We had "helpers", of course. ;)

Stockings full of goodies, complete with homemade treats!

Everyone got their one own unique Angry Bird & Lambchop.

Dottie's Lambchop is already missing an eye. Poor Lammy.

This is Razzy with the help of Rocco & Dottie, opening his stocking from Denise.


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  1. Glad they all loved the treats! I had fun baking them with Milo who was the assistant baker, keeping tabs on me! Milo has the big Lambchop and when I saw the little ones I had to get them for the bittties! Too funny that once the treats were found the toys didn't matter! lol.


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