Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a bit different this year, since Keith, Lindy & Mercy now live in South Dakota. We have spent Christmas Eve evening with them for a last 8-9 years. Mom was OK with us not being at her house since we spend all day Christmas Day with her. It ended up giving us more time with Leland & he was excited that we would get to stay at his house longer,. And we ended up staying until after 11pm! But we had such a fun time.

Leland gave D some soup! 

I told Mom that Leland is now into wearing fun socks, so she got him some. 

D & I got him so new shirts.

I painted Glenda a "G" in peacock colors. 

 Murphy & his "SuperDog" from us.

Glenda gave D a Superman shirt...Complete with a cape! Lord, help us all!


Leland asked me once, if I could have just one thing from his Lucy collection what would it be. I told him this bank. He got one for me. I cried. :)

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