Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friendsgiving & Food

Today we went to our very first Friendsgiving. It was a lot of fun! But...I didn't take any pictures! What the flip is wrong with me lately? It was also my first time eating away from the house since I went Gluten Free. I was a little concerned with what I was going to eat. But I think I did pretty good. The only thing is, I made oven fried corn & it has flour in it (Mom just said I could have used corn starch). I ate some of the corn. I am feeling it too. YUCK. I don't like this feeling at all.

This week has gone well. I did have a few days of extreme nausea, but I think my body was detoxing the junk. I am learning that stuff may taste good, but it doesn't feel nice in my tummy.

Yesterday I got the big Christmas tree up. I only put the Pink Lucy tree up last year, so unwrapping each ornament was an extra treat. I haven't seen them in awhile. I missed them.

I hope to get the Superman tree up tomorrow. I was going to do that tonight, but the Auburn game had my attention. ;)

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