Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vulcan Time

Thursday I went to Vulcan Park with Danny & Mercy. I haven't actually been in Vulcan since I was a kid. It's had a whole make-over since then. 

 See that elevator right there? My fear heights got the best of me with that thing. I got on the elevator which is glass on both sides & as soon as it started going up, I went into panic mode. I looked at the floor the whole time & when we got to the top, Mercy & Danny got off. I stayed on, moved over to the buttons, focused on the corner of the floor & went right back down to the ground, then ran off! I use to rock climb, ride the craziest roller coasters....I can not do any of that now! The older I get the worse it gets. Not sure what happened to me

After we left the park we went for lunch & treats at the DQ. 

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