Thursday, June 13, 2013

Those that are creative/artists/someone with a trade will totally get what I am about to say...When you are approached by someone, who is wanting to hire you to paint, sew, build, bake, photograph, decorate...Whatever it may be, but then they don't want to pay you what you is infuriating & disrespectful. Just like anyone who goes to a "job" & gets paid for their time & experience. So should a creative person who takes hours out of their life to create something for you. So next time you ask someone to create/build/make something for you, think about that. It's insulting when someone acts like your prices are "too much." I love what I do, but I don't like dealing with shenanigans.


  1. I know EXACTLY how that is. My last "project" was those flower head bands for kids. My mom wanted to sell some at school. I aksed $10 for them. The teachers wanted to pay $5 for them! ONes with glued on silk flowers were selling for $25-30 at Nordstrom's and mine were all hand sewn! I said I would let them sit in my craft room rather than sell them for $5.


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