Saturday, June 22, 2013

A List Of Stuff

  1. Still waiting on some good news for our family. Hopefully it will happen soon & I can talk about it.
  2. Been doing a lot of painting. And I can't wait to show off some of the pieces.
  3. I traded some of my art work for 2 super nice tables that I plan on painting.
  4. Dottie is growing. She was 5.4 pounds the last vet visit. And when did puppy shots take 4 vet visits, 3 weeks apart? It's cray cray.
  5. It's too hot outside for my liking, so indoors I stay.
  6. I bought a new neon pink nail polish. I'm a little obsessed with neon right now. If I had a tan it would look better on me, but since that ain't gonna happen, I will still rock it on this white skin. 
  7. Can't wait for Big Brother to begin next week! Gotta order the live feeds this weekend.
  8. I can not get enough of prepopped popcorn & lemonade.
  9. I still love my iphone. A whole lot.
  10. I am going to attempt tie dying t-shirts for D & I for the 4th. We'll see how that goes.
Here is an ornament I recently did. I'm still not doing ornaments, this one was special.

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