Saturday, May 25, 2013

A "Wordy" Post

It's been a while since I have really posted a "wordy" blog post. I guess I should let everyone know what's going on in my world, other than Dottie pictures. ;) Hey! I can't help it, she's my newest baby. Have no fear, those will not stop. She has quite a following now.

D still has his main job & is the producer on a SEC talk radio show, plus other shows at the radio station on the weekends. He loves doing that sorta work, but it does keep him away from home. He works 15+ hours a day most days. So quality time is few & far between. When he is off work, the last thing he wants to do is to go out gallivanting all over town with me. Our date nights (when we get one) is usually to go buy groceries. I have the car even less these days, since he does work nights also. If you want to see me, it will have to be at 10 pm. Hahaha!

I have been working at Mom's several days a week. She keeps babies & I have been helping out in the afternoon's. I have enjoyed it, but that is going to stop in a couple of weeks when 2 babies stop coming over the Summer. I have been painting & am really excited about an order I just got this week. I'll post pics once it is done. It's a HUGE project. I am also working on some pieces to sell in a local store. I'll let you know more about that later too.

Since the bathroom remodel (which isn't completely done), I am way more OK with people coming over. Leland has been coming over to watch "our shows" with us. It's been fun! And Rocco has fallen in love with him. Which is so hysterical!

Update on the furbabies...I'll preface this to say that I love & give even extra more attention to Razzy & Rocco since Dottie came into our lives. I did research on bringing a new puppy into a home with older dogs & knew this was going to be a challenge & require patience.

Razzy loved Dottie the first 2 days she was here. He was obsessed with her & slept next to her playpen. It was how we thought he would be & were excited he took to her so fast. On the 3rd day, he literally woke up & decided he didn't like her anymore. He keeps his distance, stays in his chair & growls when she bothers him.  He has acted a little bit depressed, which makes me very sad. :(

Rocco on the other had was very scared of Dottie & would stay far away from her. Then one day, I think he realized she may be fun & now they play NON-STOP! I have to make them stop playing. It's quite funny! Razzy loves to play, but Razzy just ain't into it. And with Dottie, it's like Rocco is a puppy all over again.

And to Dottie. I call her the "Little Firecracker", because she plays very hard & is zooming throughout the house & then she fizzles. Hahaha! She is a poweful punch in s tiny package. And is extremely determined.

As for life in general...I feel there are some good things on the horizon for my little family. Not sure exactly what it will all entail, but have you ever had an excitement sorta bubbling up in your spirit? Yeah. That's it.

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