Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Purple Was The Theme On Easter

Leland decided to come to church with us & we chose "purple" as the color, he, D & I would wear. Mom didn't know about our color selection, but when she & I went shopping she bought Danny a purple checked shirt & asked me to make her a purple flower pin to match.

After we got to church there was a flood of purple all over the sanctuary. It was quite funny. Leland someone must have hacked into our messages & copied us. Haha!

 Leedles & Deedles
Us "twins"

 Leland brought Mom a Nutella cupcake he made at work. Mom is obsessed with Nutella. I ate some of that cupcake & Lord have mercy! It was delicious!

Leland & Susanna

Mia & me

 Me & my baby cousin Chad. We realized this is the only picture of just us together! We need to remedy that next time we are together.

My beloved Auntie D. 

 Auzzie says "Happy Easter!"

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