Wednesday, March 06, 2013

21 Years....

This is Granny with her friend, Hazel. Granny was around 15 in the photo. The same age she married Paw.

It's the time of year again. The time to reflect on the life my beloved Granny lived. And how in reality it really was cut way too short. 59 is incredibly young to slip away from this earth. She was so vibrant & had much more living to do. Oh, how I wish she were still here, telling her stories...making us laugh....Driving us crazy....Just being her.

The other night as I was in those moments of falling into a deep slumber & still finding that perfect spot in the warmth of my bed, I began craving my Granny's creamed potatoes. I mean...I could actually taste them! I haven't really thought about them in years. It hit me that I haven't had potatoes like hers since she made them. I was born a potato-aholic & Granny made my most favorite of potatoes (besides french fries). In my mind she made them several times a week & I never wanted to share them. To this day just about every time I see my Paw, he brings up that he & I used to fight over those creamed potatoes. And I would run to Granny crying "Ganny! Ganny! Ganny!" (When I was little I left out the "r.") Hahaha! I am potato picky & I don't make creamed potatoes....I make instant! *gasp* I know. I know. It's shameful. I think I will ask Mom for Granny's creamed potato recipe & whip some up!

Granny, I love & miss you more than I ever thought humanly possible. I see you in the sky. You live in my heart. I treasure the memories. You will not be forgotten as long as I have breath.

If you are family, share a memory of Granny in the comments in honor of her. Pretty please with a Jelly Bean on top. And if you didn't, share a sweet memory of your beloved Grandmother. I would so enjoy reading them. :)


  1. My gran was a short little lady - not even 5 feet with a big chest and I always thought she would topple over! Of all the things I remember most it would be that whenever we went out and she liked some food, she would taste it and smack ler lips and try to figure out all the flavors in it. If anyone else raved about something they were eating she had to sample it and try and name all the flavors. I think that is part of what made me like cooking so much - I'm pretty good at copying foods. Oh - and she was ALWAYS stealing silverware from places!!!! lol.

    1. Awe! I love that! Thanks for sharing those precious memories!


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