Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holes In The Floor

See that picture above? That's what my master bathroom currently looks like. Eeeekkkk!!!!!
Those holes were left open over night & I was panicking all night that some critters were going to end up in my house.  

To make a long story short, we had a leak & it snowballed! The bathroom needed some upgrades & since things needed to be fixed & needed to be fixed properly, the whole bathroom had to be gutted. The old garden tub, shower stall, toilet, vanity & the remains of 2 walls are all in pieces in my backyard. 

Our bed is in the middle of the living room, along with my clothes & such. And I'm spending my days locked up in the guest room (otherwise known as D's room) with Razzy & Rocco, while the renovation is taking place. And they are not liking this disruption to their little world.  Speaking of D's room.....My OCD is in overdrive in here & I'm trying to take deep breathes before I have a total meltdown. His room is "off limits" for me to organize. He doesn't like for me to mess with his stuff. I have cleaned it & moved things around before, but that doesn't go over well. That is why the bedroom door stays shut, so I don't have to see it.  To be honest, just typing this my chest is getting tight. Focus on something else, Crystal...Focus on something else......
Some organizing/cleaning may be happening before this day is over. 


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