Sunday, December 23, 2012

'White Christmas"

This was our 3rd year to attend "White Christmas" at The Alabama Theatre. It's a delightful tradition that our friend, Leland, introduced us to. You can actually feel the magic in the air!

 Pre-show entertainment.

 Time for the sing-a-long.

 For those that may not know, my nickname since childhood has been "Hootie." My Aunt Diane gave me that name & she is the one that has always called me that. When Leland found out about this nickname, he started calling me "Hootie" also. Haha! He is friends with the organist at the theatre & told him to put my name up & they put "Hootie" also! The whole place sang "Happy Birthday" to "Crystal Hootie." Hahahahahaha!!!!! What a fun surprise! I'll never forget it!


 *squeal again!*

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