Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Christmas Party

There are a lot of pictures.

We didn't have Christmas in the Barn this year, instead we had it at Amber's new house.

I made Bloomin' Onion Bread & it was a huge hit!

 Alyssa praying over our meal.

 Mom & Renee showing off their ornaments that Diane got them.

 Mom & Diane showing off the ones Renee gave them....Hahahahaha!!!! (Diane is also holding the one Mom gave her.)

 Alyssa & Amber

Paw in his new hat that Diane got for him! 

Paw is FaceTiming Donna.

 It's Donna! ;)

 Alyssa with Solomon. Such a sweet buddy.

 D had to work, so we made him a plate. 

 Paw with his girls.

 Bye Paw!

The tree with all of the goodies about to be placed in baskets.

We usually play 'Dirty Santa" with gift cards. This year we decided to take that money & do something good with it. Renee got 5 baskets & then we all bought whatever we thought would be a blessing to someone. We got food, toiletries, cleaning supplies & a few fun goodies. Everything we bought, we bought in fives, that way all of the baskets would be the same. 

 Alyssa was SO exited! She loved helping put the baskets together.

 All packed up, tied with a bow & ready to bless someone.

The kiddos were so happy to be doing this!

 We prayed over the baskets & for the Lord to lead us to the right people.

 Then 9 of us & 5 baskets loaded up in Mom's vehicle & we hit the road.

 We just let the Lord direct us to the right people & it was such a joy! 

We have started a new tradition & I can't wait to do it again. Love, Love, Loved it!

 This wreath is G to the orgeous. ;)

Amber's new hizzy.

 The family looks extra small this year, huh?

D was at work.
Donna is about to give birth to Baby Levi in North Carolina. Mason is with her.
Karl is active duty.
Jamie was home with Blakely who is sick.
Bonnie was home sick too (Little Fella is with her).

But if you look close, Donna is in the family picture. Can you find her?

Even though we were missing some family this time around, we had such a fun, laughter filled time. 
Thank You Jesus for giving us such a wonderful time together, while honoring You in the process.


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