Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning At Our Hizzie

  Razzy has to help open every single present.

  Rocco sitting on her "perch."

  D got several pair of Superman socks this year & all were different. So fun!
 This is where Razzy shocked us! He was literally pulling the paper off of the presents. This was a first! He usually just nudges them & barks. This year...He was pulling bows off & ripping the paper. Here is the video...

 Santa heard my request!!! And I've already watched it. I got this on VHS for Christmas, years & years ago. I just about wore out those tapes (there were 2 of them.). I recently gave those VHS movies away. It was painful since they are a piece of my childhood. But I'm excited to own this once again.

 Razzy's "helping" me.

Here is another video of Razzy opening his present.

 Rocco is licking the package. Too funny!

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