Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve Night At Mom & Danny's

Mom made the best meals! Beef tips & rice (one of my all time favorites!), fried fresh corn, roasted asparagus,  green beans, rolls, ham rolls, chocolate cake & blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

 Mom let Mercy open this when she first got there, so she would have something to play with.
 She recently discovered the movie "Jumanji."
 D & I got her these boots. :)

 And Auburn cheerleader outfit for her American Girl.
 Nana is showing her, the new trunk & goodies inside.

 Everyone got warm snuggly blankets.

 Time for the annual Christmas photo.
 Mom being goofy.

 Then....."IT" happened! "Someone" pooted!!!!!! This & the next 2 photos capture the aftermath. Look at Danny's face! Hahahaha!!!!

 All is normal again.

 The tree is all ready for Santa....
And Razzy can't wait! 

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