Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

 This year a lot of the stores opened way earlier than normal, including one of my favorite places to begin the day...Belk. I love to go, stand in line for the gift card, then see what I can buy with that $5 sucker. Instead of starting out the day at 3 or 4am, the Fat Katz met up at Belk around 10pm, to stand in line for the doors to open at  midnight. The sad part is we all got there at different times, so we didn't get to stand together. Renee, Jamie, Amber & Amber's friend Chavonne (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly), were there first. There was a bit of a line, then Diane got there. Some time later, Mom & I showed up. Mom & I were praying we would actually get a gift card this year. They give out 250, Mom & I were 251 & 252. After standing in line for 2 hours. Hahaha! This time....We were good! Shoo!

 Here's Elder Fat Kat sitting in line.

I'm in line with this stone cold fella.

We finally got in the store & we never saw Renee & her group again. Hahaha! They were in a mad dash for the $19.99 boots! They got what they wanted & went for breakfast & more shopping.
Mom, Diane & I set out for our yearly adventure.

Look! A bunch of "Hooties"!!!
I need this! 

So....The bad part about a few places opening at midnight is you have a few hours were nothing else is open! And you begin to lose your shopping mojo.
We ended up wasting time in Target, where I had to lay on my back in the floor (it was killing me!) & Kohl's, waiting for Hobby Lobby & T.J. Maxx to open. 

Trying on hats in Target. :)

Diane, sporting  her "Birthday" hat. Hahaha!

Officially up for 24 hours.

Mom was waiting to get a new cell phone & needed to be at Sprint at 8am for their doorbuster. Diane & I went to Hobby Lobby, but while there Mom needed my phone. There was a mix up with the lines & for some reason they needed my actual phone. So I bid ado to Auntie D & Mom picked me up from Hobby Lobby. This is where my misery began. At this rate I was slidding down the slippery sleepy slop extremely fast. And sitting around a cell phone store was doing me in. I ended up laying in the back of Mom's car. We didn't get home from there until almost noon! Diane was all the way on the other side of town...STILL SHOPPING! Ha! Love her. 

I came home & went directly to bed.

It was such a fun & pleasant shopping trip. The only busy store was Belk. Everywhere else was dead. We never stood in line again. There was no madness where we were. Just good times. We did decide that next Black Friday we are going to meet up very early for breakfast & then shop. Even though it was a blast....No more no sleeping. 

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