Thursday, October 11, 2012

‎*~*Happy Birthday to my Paw who turns 84 today!*~* 

See where Mom got her hair? (Sssshhhh...It's a wig) 

 If you know him, you know what a character he is. And is always "funnin'" as he says. I just talked to him & this are pieces of the conversation... 
 For some reason he calls Daniel "Jonathan." I just stopped correcting him a long time ago. Hahahahaha! 

Paw.... "I sure do like your husband Daniel. He is some kinda good fella. He's smart & a hard worker. (In the background you can hear Sam (his wife) applauding him for getting D's name right.) 
Paw..."Well h*ll! I get in trouble when I get his name right. And I get in trouble when I get his name wrong. I'm just gonna start calling him 'Your husband.'" 
 Then the rest of the conversation he would say "Your husband" & then get tickled. Hahahaha! He cracks me up! 
 Me..."Did you get a cake?" 
 Paw..."Yeah! Sam made me one. And it was sooooooo good!" 
 Me..."What kind?" 
 Paw..."I don't know! But I ate it! I think it was a pound cake. It had nuts, M&M's & turnip greens." 
 Me..."Sounds like a dump cake to me! Hahaha!" 

 Gosh, I love him! He's such a mess.

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