Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Tribute To Molly Girl

It's been 2 weeks since we lost Molly I can't believe that much time has passed. I've tried several times to write my tribute post for her, but I just couldn't do it. It's taken days & several different times of just getting a sentence or two typed. I got to thinking though, my blog is a tribute to her. If you search "Molly" there are tons of posts, photos & videos of her. It's a treasure trove of Molly memories & celebration of her life. What better way to honor her? I'm so grateful I have this blog for many reasons & this is just one more of them. I'm going to add just a few links to some of those posts for you to check out.....

Molly's 12th Birthday

Molly & Kitty Baby

More Molly Moments


Molly Loves Snow

Life is so different without Molly in it. The simplest of tasks remind us of her. Like D making hotdogs. He got sad the other night when he made them & she wasn't there to share them with. That has always been "their thing." Since I am home all the time, just about everything I do included her. She's just always been there. It's hard to imagine my life without her. I realized as I have been grieving her just how much of a comfort she was to me, even though in the last couple of years she was "distant" in her behavior. Just knowing she was here did wonders. She was the constant in my life for the last 16 years. She was there through a lot of heartache, a lot of joy, many changes & several moves. She kept me going when there was a time I didn't want to go anymore. It's strange not having her for comfort when she is the reason I need the comforting.  As I was writing this post, I clicked on one of the videos of her.....I could only watch seconds before I had to stop. I just started sobbing. I'm not going to lie, things got very stressful as she aged & became senile. She hadn't truly been herself for a long time & it broke my heart over & over to see her fading away. I have missed that young vibrant ball of fur with the "ploom ploom" tail for so long. She had turned into a crazy old lady. Haha! Well, she was. :)
I miss her so terribly & always will. I don't even remember the few days following her death. It's just a blur of tears & heartache.
Even though 2 weeks have passed, it's still odd to look at Razzy & Rocco & not see Molly standing with them. I know life goes on, just like in everything else. But life will go on differently for us. There will always be an empty place for her in our hearts. We love you Molly!


  1. You're killing me with these posts :'(
    I am so very sorry for your loss.

  2. That should be the last one. I would have posted it earlier. But I couldn't get through it.

  3. Hi Crystal,
    I've just been reading back through your blog entries and oh my gosh this one made me cry! I lost my dog about 2 years ago and I still feel such a void without her :( I'm SO so sorry that your Molly passed away! She looks like an absolutely beautiful, wonderful dog. The video of her in the snow is adorable! At least you know that you gave Molly an absolutely wonderful life and a loving home, which is more than any dog can ask for!

    I hope you're doing okay- I know how hard it is :( :( :(

    *big hugs* & best wishes,
    Lottie Lee


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