Monday, August 27, 2012

Going To The Chapel....

 One of D's buddies from work got married on Saturday night & thankfully D was off of work so we got to go. It was at this little chapel in a far off place....No, really...It was just down some very country back roads in a city I'm not familiar with. Not something you would just stumble upon either. D was so funny, he is not a fan of old 2 lane county roads & he was saying "We are in the backwoods of Alabama!" Being the city boy he is, it was.

It was very quick wedding. Actually the quickest ceremony I think I have ever attended. I enjoyed seeing D get to hang out with "his" friends. I don't ever get to witness that. And for those that know D to be a pretty quiet guy, you would have all been in shock. He's a chatty clowning character around them. I sat in amazement a few times. Haha! Being married to him for over 12 years, I guess there still is some mystery. :)

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