Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Coyote

This past Wednesday morning around 3, I took the furbabies outside to go potty one last time before we went to bed. We have a fenced in backyard that backs up to the mountain, so that is where I always take the doggies outside. I had been outside for a minutes & I was standing on the back porch. I was a little distracted by the smell of smoke & was a bit worried, since it's been so dry, then I heard something on the mountain. At first I thought it was the raccoon that has been getting in Mom's garbage or possibly the infamous fox, that I have yet to see. All of a sudden I realized it was something big & it was running directly down the mountain right towards us. I yelled "Molly! Razzy! Rocco! Come here!!!!" Razzy & Rocco ran straight into the house. But Molly wouldn't come to me. I ran in my bare feet & grabbed her up, ran in the house & shut the door. It scared me good. I was so scared I wouldn't even go back out with the spot light to see what it was.

The next day Mom told me just hours after this incident, Danny had gone to get in his truck to leave for work, he heard the neighbors dogs going crazy. He looked up & there stood a coyote in the driveway! It was making it's way back up the mountain.

On the this same day on the news, they did a story about a county north of us having a growth in the coyote population. People pets are coming up missing. The animal control said the coyotes are "hunting & hungry."

Last night close to midnight, I took the furbabies outside. Once again I was standing on the back porch, when "It" came down the mountain. But this time is was closer! It was just on the other side of my shed. I started yelling for it to go away. The doggies heard it this time, so it was utter chaos trying to get them gathered up & in the house. After I got them in I grabbed the spot light & went back out, but it was gone. I had been yelling so loud it woke up D. He came to see what was going on & by then I was shaking so hard & in tears. D doesn't remember any of this today. Hahaha!

I called the police & told them. I wanted to see if there had been any more reports of coyotes. We have lived up here for over 25 years & have never dealt with them. This is all new to us. The police said that they are in the area, but no one has reported anything unusual. I asked about it being so hot & dry, if that was bringing them closer in & they agreed. Then he told me to "just stay away from them." I wanted to say "Well, I'm not out looking for them!!!" But I didn't. :)

I was so upset by what happened, it took me a long time to calm down. But when I did I got so tickled when I realized something I had done. I always take a squirt bottle of water outside with me. It's a form of discipline for the dogs. It makes them get off the porch & go potty. Anyway, when the coyote was coming towards us I was screaming & squirting the water bottle in it's direction! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

The scary thing about coyotes is they will climb fences & dig holes under them. Once they know you have dogs, they will keep coming back in hopes of getting one. I had also been doing something & didn't realize what I was doing. I don't like to throw banana peels in the garbage. I throw them on the mountain behind the fence. Partly because my hummingbirds like fruit flies. It apparently was attracting the coyotes too. Ugh!

I never let the furbabies outside at night by themselves. But now I am going to have to take them out one at a time, so that if a coyote is out there, I can just grab up which ever doggy it is & run in the house. It's too dangerous taking all 3 out. I am also taking the BB gun outside with me.

Needless to say....I hate coyotes!


  1. My sister in law's dog got eaten by a coyote this morning! They live in sad!

  2. I live in north Texas. Growing up in the country they came up close to the house but never into the light. We were told they are more afraid of us. But now many many years later living in city limits they come up into the neighborhoods. Even under our street lights. They have grabbed and ran with, and I suppose eaten neighbors pets. Scary thing!! They are hungry and becoming less afraid of us. Watch after yourself and those fur-babies!!

    1. Thanks Brandi! It is scary! I live by the woods, so I assumed there were things up there, but until you actually come in contact with something, you are blissfully unaware. Eeekkk!

      And thanks SO much for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it. :)


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