Sunday, June 03, 2012

Food, Movie & Donuts!

We haven't had a "Girls Night Out" in awhile, so this was very much needed. Since the weather was awesome, Wendi drove her convertible Bug. So fun! Stacey got to drive it for a while too. ;)

We have decided to start trying new places to eat, much to Stacey's chagrin. Hahaha! I had already been to Genghis Grill, but Stacey & Wendi hadn't yet. And the 2nd time was just as good! I really like that place. The girls enjoyed it also.

 From there we went to the $1.50 movie & saw the movie I have been wanting to see since before it ever came out...."Mirror Mirror." It was so cute & I loved the 7 Bandits...AKA Drawfs. It's been a couple of years since I have been to this theater....That place is nasty! I kept thinking about Bed Bugs during the movie, then itching because I was thinking about bugs.

I took this photo as part of a photo challenge I'm participating in. The challenge for week #2 was for the word "Excitement". I get really excited when I see this sign lit up!

After the movie we went to Krispy Kreme! The place was packed out, but by the time we got the counter some tables had opened up. So we sat & chatted for a couple of hours. Good Times!

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