Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom's Day

D & I went Friday to pick up Mom's Mother's Day gift. She wanted 2 more Crepe Myrtles, like we got her last year. So we got her that, as well as the dirt & mulch. She loves her "Myrtles" & has always wanted some, so now she has 4. Danny planted them for her on Saturday while we were out yard salin'. I love giving live plants/trees to someone. Seeing the ones we gave her last year grow has been such a joy.

After church we went to lunch with Mom, Danny, Aunt Diane & Laurie met up with us at Jim N Nicks. We had a great time visiting & chowing down. Mom had been looking forward to her Sunday afternoon nap, so I left her alone for the rest of the day. :)

My furbabies gave me "a little hope."

I painted these for D's Mom. We sent them to her & she absolutely loved them.

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