Monday, February 13, 2012

Goodbye Whitney

Saturday evening I was sitting at Dairy Queen joking around with my friends Wendi & Stacey, when I got a couple of texts. One from Mom. One from D. Both said "Whitney Houston Died." My heart stopped. And I said "Oh no!" Wendi & Stacey immediately asked what was wrong & I told them. Behind me on the wall Fox News was playing with closed captioning & "Breaking News" was scrolling across the screen. The world was learning the news. I watched as a lady walked in & got a table as her husband ordered their food. I saw her face & she read the TV screen, she instantly got up & told her husband. They sat closer to the TV. I was heartbroken. I fought back the tears. If you know me, you know I love my celebrities. Whitney has always been a favorite of mine. I have followed her career for as long as I can remember. I don't see them as just celebs....I see them as human. Created by the same Lord that created me. They have a purpose too. So I do get upset when one I admire passes away.

This is the first Whitney album I ever owned. Mom didn't let me listen to too much "secular" music, but she approved of Whitney. I spent hours singing duets with Whitney in my bedroom. She was like a friend. I could turn on her tape & the world would fade away. I don't think I can name one of her songs I don't love, the list could go on & on, but "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" is one of my most favorites. I was remember getting just giddy when it aired on Mtv.

I'm seriously heartbroken. She is an icon. A legend. And not just vocalist, but a treasure. The talent God gave her was a blessing to us. What a gift that we were able to experience the power of her voice. No matter what may have gone on in her personal life, there is no doubt that she was one of the most incredible singers of all time. And a light was completely diminished with her death.

This was my status on facebook Sunday, after seeing some things that upset me being said....

I'm so saddened by Whitney Houston's death. She was an old friend, who's music kept me going when I was a troubled teen. I adore her. But in the light of her passing, it just once again showed just how incredibly judgemental Christians can be. This breaks my heart even more. We are the last that should be doing that, since we have been given so much grace. Whitney was an imperfect person just like you & me. We don't know the condition of a person's heart.....We all have our struggles, some are just more public than others.

So long beautiful Whitney......I hope to sing in Heaven with you someday.....

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