Monday, December 05, 2011

Scrooge 2011

D & I went to see "The Gospel According to Scrooge" tonight at church. I had to go backstage to get pics with my peeps!

Juby is the BEST character to happen to Scrooge. If you went last year, you must go this year....She has a much bigger role. :)

Eric is such a hoot! And even more so this evening...Ahem. 

 An old friend Stacy
 My buddy Stacey....Gosh....I have alot of Staci, Stacey, Stacy friends! I need a picture of "Staci C" in this lineup!
 Pretty lady Kim
The 3 LA amigos (Abe, Shawn & D). Hahaha! Abe is not in costume. He's another "must see" from the play.


  1. Just photoshop me in :-) I wish I could drive up to see Scrooge! Maybe next year I can plan it!

  2. That would be fun! It really is different. And I think this year they made the greatest changes.


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