Monday, December 05, 2011

Curly Wrapping Paper Wreath

Saturday evening, Honey D was at work, so I got inspired to make a wreath. I have had a big round piece of thick styrofoam for several years, that I knew I would use one day. It was actually a piece that came in a packing of a computer (I think) & a friend gifted it to me. And it was perfect for this project. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it before I wrapped it in fabric. I wasn't thinking "tutorial" when I got started. 

 This is the wreath wrapped in strips of fabric. I covered it in fabric because I wasn't sure where my creativity was going to take me & I thought I wanted the fabric to show. 

I had seen on Pinterest where you can curl wrapping paper like you do ribbon. And I always have an abundance of wrapping paper. :) I'm a sucker for the Christmas paper at Hobby Lobby. 

The photo above is the original image from Pinterest & here's the link to the pin.

Along with my wrapping paper, I also had left over ribbon from making my giant bow tree topper.

I just started curling pieces of wrapping paper, like in the above Pinterest photo. And instead of gluing them into place, I just used straight pins, from my sewing box. That way you can move the curls around to the perfect position. Adding the fabric helped keep it more secure. I alternated the 2 different patterns of paper. When I almost had the wreath completely covered in curls, I tied a piece of ribbon around the top to use as a hanger. And completed the wreath by covering that ribbon up with more curls. Then I made the big bow & just used straight pins to secure it to the top. So there was zero gluing involved. You could use glue, of course. But this way was easier & not messy.

Let me forewarn you though... It took hours curling this paper. So, I just sat & watched Christmas movies, while cutting, curling & pinning. Not Pinterest "pinning", but pinning the curls into place. Ha! It was fun though! 

I hung the wreath on my front door just for photos. This is NOT...I repeat NOT, a wreath for outside since it's all paper. I made it to hang behind my couch, but since I have very little natural light inside, I hung it on the door to snap the pics.

Viola! The Curly Wrapping Paper Wreath!

Bet ya didn't know I LOVE polka dots. Hahaha!


  1. Its beautiful Crystal! I need to make one for the inside of my door, but I'm not sure what I want to do just yet. Going to look around at the stuff I have here and see what happens!

  2. Thank you! It was fun to create!
    That is what I loved about making this one....It cost me nothing! I had everything here.

  3. Okay...okay...I haven't given in to Pinterest yet...but I like seeing what you create... SO, i'm thinking we need to do a craft night when i'm home sometime! I <3 all things crafty!!!


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