Thursday, December 08, 2011

Craft Night

I have been making some of these ornaments & the girls wanted to learn too. So we got together at Wendi's house.
I'm going to post pics of some of my other glittered creations later. These suckers are addicting.

 I gave the girls team ornaments. :) (P.S. These were left over from last year, before anyone thinks I'm painting again.)
Stacey glitterin'.

 Wendi Pledgin'.

 Stacey made this one for her baby girl Riley. She texted me today & said that when she showed it to Riley that she grinned SO big!

 Chris ornamentin'
 Stacey with her treasures.
 Me bowin'. That's what I basically did all night. But I love to make bows. :)
 Chris was covered in glitter!
 And I helped with that.

 It's not a party until the Pledge comes out.
 Us reenacting, Wendi's reaction.
 Pippa the Parrotlet. Mom needs one, don'tcha think?

 I'm holding Jasper the cat. Isn't he darlin'? He is super sweet!
 Trying to get Sophie to pose.
 Sophie is not kissing me...She's burping. Hahaha!

Precious Sophie.

I did not get home, until almost 3am! We took our pictures around the tree, as we were "leaving". We ended up sitting around talking until the wee hours of the night. The bad part was those 3 had to get up with kids a few hours later. But boy, it sure was a blast!

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