Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Adam 2011

I basically had to do the majority of my Christmas shopping the day before Christmas Eve...AKA...Christmas Adam. Mom & I met Diane at Kohl's at 9am to begin a whirlwind day of shopping. We had a blast! Diane dropped up off our our car close to 8pm, but we weren't done yet! Mom & I shopped till 11:30pm! I then came home & wrapped presents until 4am.

 Diane with her belated birthday cupcake. :)
We made a stop by Gigi's for some cupcakes!

I was trying to wrap this little Snoopy for Leland, when Razzy saw it from across the room. He came running over & was trying to take it away from me. He eventually stole it. Hahaha! And he loves his Snoopy! If you ask him to "go get your Snoopy", he does! :)

 Rocco was not pleased that Razzy got to steal a present & he didn't. Here he is staring Razzy down & planning his chance to steal the Snoopy.

 Razzy then "helped" me wrap every present. This went on for over 2 hours until I made him to get in his bed. Such a good helper boy.


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