Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Price Is Right 1999 Style

This was in December 1999 & I had just moved to LA, 3 days before. Look for D & I on the right hand side, 3rd row next to the aisle. D is wearing a grey Superman shirt (Superman is blue) & I have on a black sweater. You can see us the most when people are called & they run down the aisle. Fast forward to 18:23 & you see our friend Ben called down! Then go to 31:36 to see Ben spin the wheel & win the showcase!!!!! You will see the crazy LAMMC throughout the whole episode (in black shirts)...They are a wee bit excited. :) D & I were not allowed on stage when Ben won, because we were sitting across the aisle & D wasn't wearing his MC shirt. Oh the memories!

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