Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Trees 2011

Pink Lucy

 Traditional Tree got a new bow! A 50 YARD bow, I may add! I didn't even put all the ornaments on it this year....They wouldn't fit!

Superman tree got a few new additions, including a cape! Most is just from D's collection. See the cape draped on the back. :)

I'm so glad to have them all finally up. I took my time this year & put up the Lucy tree 2 weeks ago. Instead of trying to get all 3 done in one day & basically killing myself, I spaced them out. Besides, my back is really hating on me lately & there was no way I could have done it all in a day even if I wanted too. Last year I think it took me 16 hours or something like that. Before I put up the Traditional tree, I knew I wanted to make a new bow. It hasn't gotten a new bow in a few years & I wanted polka dots! I for some reason thought I have bought 70 feet of ribbon.....Nope! I bought 70 yards! It's a big honkin' bow.

Our living room looks like a Christmas tree store & I informed D that if we had a bigger house, we would have more trees. He was SO delighted to hear that. Ha! I would have a "Hope" tree, A "doggy" tree & an "Auburn" tree.


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