Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Missed Chance...

Have you ever had a "moment" with a stranger, that left you wanting to know them more?

D & I were in line at Walmart & an other couple (who we had passed throughout the store) came up behind us. They were probably in their 50's. There were none of those little divider sticks, so I told them they could go on & put their stuff on the belt, behind our stuff & from there we started joking around, which turned into a conversation. They were a married couple of 25 years. They had no children, just doggies (Sounds familiar). And were full time truck drivers. Now....They weren't at all what you think of when, you think "truck drivers." I have been fascinated by truck driving couples since we went back & forth across country a few times. I love road trips & what a way to see the country. Anyway, this couple were from Kentucky & we on their way to Florida. They just decided to stop for groceries. We parted ways laughing....They were 2 people, I wanted to know more about! I told D as we walked out of the store that I wanted to get to know them. The whole time we unloaded our buggy into the trunk, I was watching the door to the store. Then I made D drive around a second, while I got out my business card to give to them. D said, "Do you want to be facebook friends?" I replied, "Of course!" We saw their huge 18 wheeler parked at the end of the parking lot. It was one of those super duper nice big king cabs. Then we spotted them going towards their truck & I got nervous. I wondered if they would think I was a weirdo telling them I wanted to be friends & handing them my card. And D said that maybe I shouldn't. So we drove on off. But now I regret it. I regret it big time. I can't stop thinking about them. I feel I missed my chance for something....Does that make sense? Once we drove off I felt such a strong urge to pray for them, so I have been throughout the night.


  1. I would have done it!!! Donna can't get over how I always talk to "strangers". I just LOVE people.

  2. Now, now...Renee! I have my own story. A while back, we met some folks while waiting to eat at TX Roadhouse. For some reason, they had big sidewalk chalk out and were letting folks write on the walls of the waiting area that night. I didn't get the folks name while we talked to them, but they wrote their names on the wall (just first names). After we left, I wished we had gotten to talk w/them more...well, since the husband had a unique name, I remembered it & facebook stalked & was able to find them! We talk on FB & she invites me over for Pampered Chef parties, etc.


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