Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mom's 60th Birthday Weekend

Danny & I began trying to come up with ideas for a way to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday back at the beginning of the year. She has kept saying she wanted a big retro party & she wanted this or that cake. So I started "planning" things. Like what kind of cake I wanted to have made & where we should have this big party. Then by the middle of the Summer I told Danny it was time to get serious about our plans. I knew Mom wanted a party, but I also knew she would do just about anything to get away on a trip. I told Danny he needed to give her the option of a party or a trip, that way we knew what we needed to do. She chose the trip just like I thought she would. They immediately made reservations down in Gulf Shores.

Birthdays are special to me & it being her 60th I wanted to get her something nice & memorable. But lately she said she is tired of collecting things, so there went my idea of anything to do with teapots or cherries. And me painting anything is out of the question right now. I wanted her to give me a list of ideas. All she wanted was to have her car detailed before they went on the trip. I did not like this idea at ALL. Even though her car "Cherry Baby" hasn't had much TLC in her 9 years in the family, I still didn't think this was special enough. But that is all she wanted. So the night before they left, we took "Cherry Baby" to the car wash, ran her through & then did the detailing our self.

We birdie-sat while they were gone & I thought I would be in a straight jack before the weekend was over. Auzzie "CHIP CHIP CHIPPED" constantly! I think D danced for joy as he took Auzzie & Poppy back to Mom's on Sunday afternoon. Hahaha!

I did give Mom one more gift....I made her an Auburn wreath also. It's different then the other one I made. I'll take a pic & post it soon.

Her sisters surprised her & took to her to Joe's Italian & to see "The Help" to celebrate too! Mom said it was the best birthday & weekend. I sure am glad. A 4 day weekend lasts a whole heck of a lot longer than a party. She made tons of memories with Danny & got to see one of her favorite cousins, she hadn't seen in close to 20 years, on the way home. Which she said was the cherry on top! And she loves her some cherries. :)


  1. I went to Gulf Shores when I was there in Alabama and was a great road trip there.

    What a pleasant celebration, I know she is having fun :D


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