Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lucy's A Gift

I just finished this book. In one of the last chapters Michael Stern tells about the memorial service that was held for Lucille Ball. Reverend Robert Schuller spoke & said "Lucy was the gift of humor," He went on to say,"Let's applaud the Lord for Lucille Ball." I sat, with tears in my eyes & read that a few more times as I reflected on Lucy & her impact on my life. She really has been a gift from the Lord to me. I have heard countless people talk about the joy Lucy has given them. When they are depressed or need a "pick me up" all they have to do is watch some Lucy & whatever is troubling them, is quickly pushed away as laughter takes over. For me, she began as a connection with my Granny, one of the dearest people in my life. As with many, she takes people back to a time of innocence. She fills a certain place in the hearts of those who need some laughter, when laughing isn't in their life at the time. She is a perfect escape when the world is maddening. I do believe the Lord has & continues to use her to give people great joy. So yes! Let's applaud the Lord for Lucy! She is certainly a gift from Him.

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