Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years ago.....

Our world changed in a way that most of us never really expected. It was the day terrorists came to our American soil & took the lives of many. It's really difficult to fathom that 10 whole years have passed since that tragic time. Even now as I search through the images from that day, I still feel that horror creep into my gut. The twinge of mourning wraps it's way back into my heart.

 We all carry our own stories of 9/11. Of "where we were when". Here is mine.....

....D & I were living with my parents back in 2001. D was working at Home Depot. I was working at Lane Bryant across the street at the Mall. It was my day off, so I was sleeping in.  Mom came running into my room that morning & woke me up,  frantically saying that we were being attacked. I jumped up & ran to the TV. I was glued to it for the rest of the day. I was in shock, saddened & scared. I couldn't help but sit there with tears constantly in my eyes. I called D at work, to make sure he knew & if he was OK. I just wanted him to be home with me. It was hard for me to leave the constant TV coverage, to go to the bathroom, take a shower, much less go to work. 

It didn't take long for the company I worked for to produce an American flag heart pen. All of us at work bought one. And since we had a huge shipment, the word got out that we had something Patriotic. It was a literal mob scene. People were just in desperate need to show they supported our country.

One thing, that I do remember about the time after this horrific tragedy, was the overwhelming Patriotism. It brought our country together in a way that I have never been experienced in my lifetime. No matter where you stood politically, we were One Nation Under God. I can remember driving to work & seeing the American flag everywhere I looked. Even with such sadness there was a huge sense of pride.

I doubt it, but I hope that this anniversary would ignite that pride & belief in our truly blessed amazing country once again.

I will never forget! I am proud to be an American! And thank you Lord, for choosing me to be born here & call it my home.


  1. I was at work - downtown Chicago - walked into the lunchroom to make a cup of tea and the TV was on. Atty said "looks like a plane hit one of the towers in NY." Just then the second tower got hit. I said "this is NOT good - it is not an accident! Those towers are going to go down!" Not long after that they did as I watched on my computer at my desk. About 30 min later we were put on notice our building is considered a target spot for Chicago. Not long after that the office closed - most of downtown Chicago was told to evacuate. I tried to get to the train station, but it was a mess! Traffic was crazy - I heard from pedestrians you coul dnot even get into the train station it was so packed. So, I walked about 10 blocks in the opposite direction and took a cab to the train station where my car was. A normal $20 cab ride ended up almost $50 because of traffic out of the city. Stayed glued to the TV most of the rest of the day. Later in the week when I saw my dad he said "the world will never be the same." I thought he was being dramatic - which he never was. I thought he was exaggerating things. But he was right.


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