Monday, July 25, 2011

The Long Long Trailer

Months ago Leland told me that The Alabama Theatre would be playing "The Long Long Trailer" & we immediately made plans to go. The Alabama is such a special place & I am so glad that I am finally discovering just how much.

It was so cool seeing this movie on the big screen. When we got there I told Leland & D we would probably be some of the youngest people there & I was right. But we are old souls, so who cares! We know this movie backwards & forwards, so it was a very neat thing to see it with so many that appeared to be experiencing it for the first time, or the first time in a long time. We were laughing at how much joy this movie was bringing to so many. A very fun feeling for sure!

These are some of the lights in the theatre. Next time I go, I plan on getting more pictures of these spectacular details.
D is obsessed with planking. *rolling my eyes*

After the movie we stopped by Elmwood. Leland loves this place like I do. And D planked. He's a nut. Even though it's a cemetery it holds fun memories for me, so what not add more?

We went to DQ for some ice cream...That is after Leland almost killed us by going the wrong way on the road!  Afterwards we went back to Leland's house where we visited with Glenda (Leland's Mom). She made a yummy supper, which we had not expected. Then we watched Big Brother. It was a fun, fun day! I have not laugh that much or that hard in a long, long time....

At the end of the day the trash needs to be taken out...And this is how D rolls.

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  1. I loved fun, filled, days! We should all work to have MORE of them in our lives.


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