Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th Of July Weekend

It just didn't feel very holiday-ish around here. But I celebrated in my own way. :)

Saturday, Mom & I went to a city wide celebration that our church does. It was even bigger & better this year. But boy was it HOT! It was so hot that I was too distracted to take many pics (most are posted on fb). And I was a bit sad, because D had gotten the night off just to be able to come with us, but his back was out. Mom & I stayed until it was almost time for the fireworks & then left so we didn't get stuck in the traffic. Plus we had just got to see some fireworks the week before. I was home, showered & in my PJ's while friends were still waiting to get out of the park. No regrets there.

Mom (who needs some lipstick) & Mercy

I finished reading the book "Dreams of Joy" the sequel to "Shanghai Girls", over the weekend & it made me appreciate that I was blessed to be born an American even more than I already am. The book shows the horrific effects of communism in China in the 1950's. My eyes were opened to how tragic life would be without freedom.

On the 4th D worked both jobs, so I saw him for the last 4 minutes of the day. I'm not exaggerating either. He got home at 4 minutes til 12 & went to bed. But I spent the day like any other day...Doing laundry, watching TV, talking to a close friend on facebook, cooking & loving on the furbabies. There was no BBQing at my house, but I did make a large chicken, broccoli, cheddar casserole. I also watched a documentary called "Jefferson" that aired on History. It was fascinating.

When it came time for the fireworks downtown, I watched them on TV. A first for me. And I cried when they played "My Homes In Alabama" & sang along to every patriotic song throughout the show.

Even though this holiday weekend wasn't full of celebrating, BBQ or fun & spent without my hubs....I am still grateful for the freedom to spend it safe in my home, doing laundry, watching the fireworks on a TV, in the air conditioning with my furbabies. Thank you Lord for choosing me to be born here in this amazing country & for those throughout history & present day who have fought for that freedom!

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