Sunday, June 05, 2011

Runaway Razzy

This afternoon I let Molly & Razzy outside in the backyard. They were out there for awhile, when I let Molly back in the house. I called Razzy, but since he didn't come around the house I figured he was out there playing. He loves the heat & when he doesn't be-bop around the corner I know he's obsessing over something, so I didn't think anything of it. A little while later I went to the back door & called him. He still didn't come. I got my shoes on & Rocco followed me out the door. I walked around the house & saw the gate was opened!  Razzy had been outside for about 45 minutes, so I have not clue where he could be. I ran out the gate & it would not latch behind me, so Rocco tried following me. The last thing I needed was 2 doggies running loose.  I finally got the gate to latch. I thought Razzy would probably be on Mom's porch, since that is the only place he is allowed to go without a leash, but with one of us. Mom wasn't home, so I knew he wouldn't be in her house. I circled her house a couple of times, yelling for him & if I weren't already panicked I was in almost in total meltdown now. I called Mom, as I am running around & she said to get Danny to help me look. With Danny's help we began searching. I really didn't even know where to begin. If you have ever seen where we live, you know it's basically woods on the side of a mountain, but just down the road in one direction is a neighborhood & the other direction & over the hill is a main highway. Every possible horrific possibility ran through my mind at this point. He's so little & very naive to the world. He doesn't know about other dogs or cars. Plus his coloring sort of camouflages him.

After awhile of yelling & searching I see him walking down the driveway of the neighbors who live across the street. He's panting, so I know he has been out a long time & there is no telling how far he went. I ran to him & scooped him up. I was so frazzled at this point. I took him directly home & put him in the house. Danny & I fixed the latch the best we could for now. And when I came in, I picked Razzy up & burst into tears.

I know some would say "It's just a dog" but NOT to me. My 3 furbabies mean the world to me.

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