Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog Friends Meet Again

I have not seen Kim since June of  2007. Here's the first time we met up!

This time we got to spend a few hours together! I took D to work & she was staying at the hotel one exit up from there. So, I met up with her & we went out to eat. A storm had blown into town, so the weather was unseasonable cool for June in Alabama. After supper we went back to the hotel & sat around the pool chit-chatting, while her adorable daughter enjoyed some swimming.

 The rainbow after the storm.
 I wish this picture did the sky justice. But the clouds looked like they were glittering with gold. 
 Me & Kim
 And we had to get our pic with this stunning sunset!
Sunset are one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. But I rarely get to see them. The way our house sits on the mountain, it blocks the view. So, when I am blessed enough to be on the other side of the mountain at sunset it makes me a bit giddy. They are good for the soul. And I am extremely happy I didn't miss this magnificent one.

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  1. It was so awesome seeing you again. thank you soooooo much for driving up to see us.


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