Tuesday, May 03, 2011

To Clarify

From what I understand Charlie Sheen did not donate 1 million dollars, according to the Mayor of Tuscaloosa. Now that doesn't mean he didn't to the Red Cross of some of other charity. But with that being said, I stand corrected.

I read that info from a Birmingham magazine & thought it was legit. I may be a celebrity junkie, but I am not a Sheen fan. I don't want anyone to think I am starstruck that Charlie Sheen has graced the state of Alabama with his presence., It's not that at all. But you can not deny that he has been one of the most followed celebrities as of late for his antics & when the death of Osama was announced, the focus of the nation was shifted. I only care about Sheen or any celeb for that matter coming here to kept the focus on those who have lost everything. Say what you will about Hollywood, but they can raise more money than most, so I welcome their help for those who need it.

There are thousands upon thousands who have been working tirelessly since the moment the tornadoes went through. Having a celeb here does not in any way diminish all of the amazing work they have done  & will continue to do so long after the shock wears off.  Don't even for a second think that is why I blogged about Sheen. I just found it interesting that out of all the celebrities out there, Sheen is the one of the biggest "names" who was here first. He is the last person you would ever think that would take time to offer help. I know there have been some Christian recording artists here offering help, but we know they do not receive the media coverage that someone like Sheen does. I could care less what his motives are, as long as people are helped. I also pray that him being here, seeing everything, his life is touched in a way that he will not be able to explain. That the Lord will get ahold of his heart & change him. Even though he is a celebrity, he is still loved by God. People need to quit criticizing him, maybe...Just maybe the Lord will use this tragedy to bring peace to a broken man named Charlie Sheen.

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