Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Celebration

D had to work all day on our actual anniversary, so we didn't go out & do anything. After....3 pounds of pasta, Colby Jack, Sharp Cheddar, Velvetta, Parmesan, Cream Cheese, Buttter, Milk, Eggs, Garlic Salt, Salt & Pepper....I did make him a massive batch of Mac & Cheese. You honestly can't get him anything better.

And he surprised me with a new Willow Tree. This one is the "Dreaming Angel~Guarding your hopes & dreams..." He also gave me a sweet/funny card that he left in the Hallmark bag. When I pointed out that he didn't sign it, he said, "The card says what I want to say & you know it's from me." Haha! Such a goober.
He had Saturday night off...Which has not happened since he got one of his 3 jobs. Actually he has not had an off day, because he has been juggling all 3 jobs since March 11th. Praise the Lord for work. So, to have a little time with him away from the house was a real treat. His parents sent us some money to go out to eat, which was super nice of them. And we settled on a little Italian place that we love. It was sweet celebration topped with some huge pieces of cake! I got lemon & D got cannoli. 

Here are our annual Anniversary pics! Which one is your favorite?


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME anniversary celebration! <3 LOVE the pics, especially #2. Of course I'm a hopeless romantic so I think that explains it! LOL =)

  2. I vote #2 also! The cake looks yummy!

  3. #2 gets my vote!

  4. I like #4 except for the shadows- but the picture is FUN! The mac and cheese is to die for. I would love to try it! Just looking at it makes my mouth water!

  5. Oh yeah- about the card- lol, Chris did the same thing for me on M-day. I had him buy cards for my mom,gmaw and stepmom, and so he handed me the whole bag of cards. Well I was only 4 days out of surgery and so I couldn't think straight. I called him into the room and asked who got what card, he had bought 9 cards. I only needed 3. Well he went through them and told me who got what, then the extra card disapperaed. Well on Mday he even told me he had a card for me, I never saw the card again- who knows where he stuck it. Our guys are too much alike. lol

  6. I love the fourth one too, but could not lighten like I wanted.


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