Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A "Hollywood" Visitor

On Sunday Charlie Sheen tweeted
Heading your way.
On a recon mission.
My Cadre right behind me.
You need help.
I'm bringing it.

And he was in Tuscaloosa today.

This was his tweet from today...
"I'm in Tuscaloosa.
it's beyond words.
Info coming soon on how you can
all help.
c http://t.co/yKlNSCQ"

No matter what you think of Charlie Sheen & especially his latest rash of craziness, he is the only celebrity to date that has come here & done something. That says a whole lot. He even donated 1 millions dollars. You can't knock him for that.

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  1. He may be doing "good" but there are thousands of people up there helping that will never get credit for it. Hope his motives are more than selfish gain.


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