Monday, May 23, 2011

Dancing & Drive-ins

Saturday Mom & I went to see Mercy Dance in her dance recital. I can't believe she has been dancing for 5 years now! I have only missed 1 of them. But this year was extra special since she is no longer in the "baby group". After we left there, we stopped by the Asian store for some of our favorite Kaki No Tane (rice crackers). I don't make it downtown often, so I have to make those trips count.

 We did a little photo session by the fountains.

Then D & I went to the drive-in to see Pirates of the Caribbean~ On Stranger Tides. It was a super nice night out. We had a great time. I love nights like that.


  1. So did you like the movie? I want to see it, but not sure if I should just wait until it comes out in the REDBOX.

    Mercy is so beautiful!

  2. I really did enjoy it! I think it may be one of my favorites of the series. I liked the mermaids. I told D we should by the series. And since this one did so well there should be a 5th installment. I love me some Johnny Depp.

    She is, isn't she!

  3. So glad you let us know what you think of the movie. I was with Staci wondering if we should wait to rent or not. I also agree with Staci that Mercy is SO BEAUTIFUL! She looked so grown up in those photos. Kinda sad how fast they grow. I'm glad you are so involved with her. It will give her someone she can talk to with a Godly perspective as she grows up besides her parents and ALL kids need that!


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