Monday, April 04, 2011

A Party & Some Laughs

Sunday afternoon, we went to my friend Stacey's house for her son Brayden's birthday party. We laughed & everyone got to meet Honey D for the first time. They knew him from facebook & had seen him from a distance at church. But since he was always in the sound booth in the balcony he was sorta illusive.

Stacey's other little boy Mason, seemed to think D was really Superman & asked if he could fly. When Stacey asked Mason if he thought D could fly he said, "Nooooo...He doesn't have a cake (cape)." Stacey told him they should give D a cupcake then, to which Mason replied, "Nooooooo, cupcakes are for eating. Cakes are for flying." Hahahaha! SO cute!

Stacey snapped these other pics of me with her precious tiny baby girl Riley. I just want to squoosh her. 


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