Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day Of Tornadoes

We were warned for about a week prior that Wednesday was going to be a "High Risk" day. I had never heard any meteorologist, use that kind of language before. And I am someone who takes storms very seriously. I knew that the storms were going to get bad in the afternoon, so when my phone rang at 5am something, with Mom on the other line saying to get into the closet NOW, I was in shock. I woke D up, grabbed the furbabies & into the closet we went. After it was over we heard on the news that the area one of my Aunts lives in had been hit pretty hard. I talked to her & found out her neighborhood got alot of damage & a huge tree went across her vehicles. But Praise the Lord she & my Uncle was fine. Little did we know what was going to hit a few hours later...

The radio station sent D home & he stopped for batteries for the radio & some extra flashlights (we needed them anyway). And it wasn't long before it all began. The first tornado was the one in Cullman. We were watching James Spann, for those that do not know...He is the greatest weatherman of all time! I don't trust any of them like I do him. Anyway...We saw the wall-cloud on a live cam as it was heading to Cullman, we sat glued to the TV as we saw the tornado drop down & begin demolishing downtown, until the camera lost power. What was so amazing as I told D, it was rare to see a tornado like that here, since we have the mountains & trees, getting a visual on an actual tornado just doesn't happen here in Alabama.

I went outside, walked around our house & prayed over it. I told the trees to stand strong & tall. To bend with the wind, but not to fall. (I made up that rhyme/prayer. Haha!)

As the storm was getting worse in Tuscaloosa we were about to head to the bedroom, so we could watch TV & be close to the closet when it was time to run. Then the monster of a tornado was picked up on the live cam. I stood in front of the TV in horror. All I could say was "Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!" then the camera lost power. We ended up in the closet for a bit. Then watched as that same tornado became bigger than anyone ever imagined & headed toward Birmingham. I could not take my eyes off of that cloud of death. Then our power went out. And it wasn't long & we were back in the closet, with the radio turned on to Good Old James.

After that storm was over, I walked over to Mom's to get something. I wasn't over there, long when D called & said to run home, another one was on it's way. That was the scariest. It went right over us we sat cramped in the closet. The little buddies as so good when we have to get in the closet by the way. They made me proud. Once the last storm was over for us, we went & lit candles, opened all the windows & I ate a peanut butter sandwich by candlelight.

I could get online on my phone, but only saw some videos of the tornadoes. Not until our power came back on yesterday afternoon, did I see the actual damage. I sat here in tears at the images I was finally seeing. I knew that tornadoes were the worst ever, but I didn't expect this much devasation. Last I heard there was about 200 deaths in Alabama alone, with that number rising. 400 are missing. And about 1000 people injured in just Tuscaloosa.

Our county was overwhelmingly blessed. We had very little damage with the power being out being the "worst" of it. And that is nothing. Things could have been far worse. So as long as my family is OK....No power is fine with me.

Here are a few videos for my friends that read Pink Lucy, who do not live in Alabama.

This is the tornado that went through Tuscaloosa.

This is the tornado as it got bigger...over a mile wide as it was about 3-4 miles north of downtown Birmingham.

This one makes me cry. You gotta love your furbabies.

And this is of the damage....

This city of Hackleburg is gone...

Tuscaloosa is getting the most coverage, but these storms hit many more places.

This is ABC 33/40's Flikr photostream. You can see all kinds of images.

If you can donate in some way, please do. And these people can all use prayer.

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  1. My SIL and her family were equally lucky. They live off of the exit in Catoosa County Georgia where a hotel and McDonald's were obliterated.


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