Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Night Out

It had been far too long since Anita & I got to spend some time together, so she called & said, "Let's go out!" 
We went to Kohl's for her to pick up some things, then went in search of some Mexican food. We settled on a place, neither of us had eaten before. I ate some shrimp tacos, that were pretty fabulous. On our way to the movie theater we got to see the "Super Moon". And that sucker was moving quite quickly. We got to the $1 theater & they were sold out! So we made our way to Kirkland's (if I had the $ I could spend a fortune in there! But on this trip I was just browsing.) & then to 2nd & Charles. If you have never been there & are a book lover, you have got to check this place out. Before we called it a night, we went to Sonic for something sweet & D met up with us. We sat out there until midnight chatting about everything under the sun, but especially our love for reality TV...Mainly the Housewives. :)

 My hair is beyond wild. 

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  1. I just recently discovered 2nd & Charles and LOVE it!!! The free bin out front has me set for a while. :-)


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