Saturday, March 26, 2011

A News Ban

I have always had a love affair with the news. I always watched the news with my Granny & Paw. Then growing up on the mountain, we had 1 channel for many years & that channel was ABC. I was a TV junkie from the get go, so I would just watch everything that come on ABC. I can remember laying in my bed after having my tonsils taken out, when I was 9 & watching Peter Jennings report on the world events. I developed a bit of a crush on him during those years.

I just like to be "in the know." I am nosy by nature, so I have a need to know what is going on all the time. I watch the local news everyday at 5, World news at 5:30 & local news again at 10. Then I have the cable news channels on all the time. I was up when the earthquake & tsunami happen in Japan & the first images of the devastation were coming in. I was glued to the TV for days, just like I have been with every other catastrophe. Then all the stuff with Libya was getting worse & I found myself in a panic. I was anxious & worried. It all consumed my thoughts & I was full fear. And I know my God does not give me the spirit of fear, but of peace love & a sound mind.

So I made a decision. I would turn off the news. The first day I was surprised at how pleasant my heart & mind felt. I listened to worship music most of the day & didn't turn the TV on until 7 when the prime time shows come on. I have gone almost a whole week without watching the news & I have been OK with not knowing every little detail of what is going on in the world. D couldn't believe I "banned the news." And said, "So, part of the world could have blown up & you wouldn't know it?" To which I replied, "Yep! And I am OK with that." I wasn't meaning that in a heartless type of way. But for me, right now, I need some peace in my soul & the news was causing too much confusion & discord inside of me. I still see things online, but I am not actively seeking anything out. I'm not saying that tomorrow I won't watch the news. Or that I have banned it for life. But sometimes no news, truly is good news.


  1. Now, I can't do that. BUT, what I did to relieve my stress was ban all of the "Real Housewives" reality shows. It made a HUGE difference in my life. Isn't that wierd?

  2. We never watched the news growing up, my grandparents watched faithfully- starting at 5 pm and going until 11 pm! They had to see it all. My mom said it was too depressing- so we never watched at our house- the only news I know if is online- via facebook or yahoo. I did enjoy watching KENS 5 in Texas- because they were FUNNY! They also had a bloopers reel at the end of each newscast at 10pm and it was like all the "strange" news from around the world for the day- always enjoyed that.


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