Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Danny!!!

Here are the out-takes from the mini photo shoot. And by mini, I mean....These are all of them! I of course wanted to do tons more, but that wasn't happening with these two. I have to be happy with what I got. :)

 This one cracks me up, because Mom was saying "You know Danny is really smiling when he squints."

 And I love the look on Mom's face. This is how she looks at Danny alot. Haha!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY VICKIE & DANNY!!! I LOVE the photo shoot!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Today would be my parents 31st anniversary...it's a wonderful day :)

  3. time flies when you are having fun! I remember sitting in the church all blown up and pregnant.

    May God bless you with many more happy years to come!

    Love ya!

  4. So sorry I've been missing out..>Happy Anniversary MAMA Vickie & Danny :D

  5. Love the photo shoot! Glad Danny agreed! can't believe they've been married for 25 years!!! That is great! I'm almost positive that my grandparents anniversary is March 1, I will have to ask her. If paw would have lived- they would have made it 70 years of marriage!


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