Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More Dreams

Ever since the news of our Memphis move hit my ears, I have had several dreams about us moving to other places. In one of the dreams, D's company decided they didn't want him to move to Memphis, but were sending him to London instead. Now I have always said I would move to England in a heartbeat. Now I'm not so sure.

Then last night I had 2 dreams back to back. One we moved somewhere, but it's just too weird to try & tell.

The 2nd one, D decided to enlist in the military & they were sending us to Bakersfield, California. All I kept thinking was Mom said that at least Memphis wasn't across the country again. In the dream we rented a house we had not seen, we drove up & started moving in. We had 3 kids. I don't remember much about them, but the oldest was a teenage boy. (How this happened is beyond me!) The house was cute with an upstairs, but there were only a few windows that actually had glass in them & those faced the neighbors house. All the rest of the windows had wooden shutters that you could not open or see out of. The neighbors house sat super close, there was only 3-4 feet between the houses. And our neighbors were 2 older ladies who always seemed to sit on their porch which faced our house. The ladies were lesbian witches. There were 3 dogs, a Great Dane, Dalmatian & a Bull Dog, that kept trying to get into our house. They were sweet, but we didn't want them in there because of Razzy & Rocco. Also on the back side of the house & along the right side were fields of tall wheat. Oh! And I was a tall blonde. Haha!

Strange, huh? I think watching House Hunters before bed messed me up a bit.

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