Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another Week

The other day I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to post, but now not so much. I need to blog a few things though for my sake of chronicling this journey.

Last was the most difficult week, I would say. It was emotional for many different reasons. Praise the Lord for giving me discernment & for listening to it! Because if not for that we would be in a whole heap of a mess right now. We were almost scammed out of $1000 for a house. It was utter ridiculous.

Do you realize how expensive it is to relocate? I mean really? Wow! So this weekend we sat down & took a look at everything & if we want to be wise, we are going to take a few months before we make the BIG move. We have to have $ for so many different things & even though D was given $ for the move, it's still not enough.

So as of now it looks like we will be moving in the Spring. One thing I am learning with all of this is patience. I certainly thought we would be in Memphis & settled by now, but there is a reason we are not. I do know that when things don't work out or you have a waiting period there is a reason greater than I understand for it. In that I find comfort. And I would much rather be in the right place at the right time. I just keep thinking that "our house" is not ready for us yet & we need to wait a bit for it to be. I am absolutely OK with that. There also may be some weekends D will not come home, to do some gigs for extra money. Ya know, it may feel like a challenge now, but we will be together in our little house in Memphis before we know it. I mean, D has been at this new job for 8 weeks already! That has gone by incredibly quick.

So, here I sit in a jumbled up house full of boxes, most are packed. And I'm not quit sure what to do with myself. The last 8 months I have had something to do. Painting, getting orders out, then the Holidays, packing, searching for a place to live. And now....Nada. So....I think Pink Lucy may just finally get her very long over due make-over.

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  1. I'm so glad I have your blog to follow now. I miss blogging and need to get back to mine too.

    Here are my thoughts about the house waiting for you: Almost every time I have moved it was in the winter. The WORST time ever to move. Most people choose to move in the spring. It's warmer and spring is a representation of new birth and new beginnings. I have a strong belief that your house is still occupied right now, but the family are waiting until spring to move - it'll be a good time for you to move! God's timing is always perfect. I've made my biggest mistakes when I didn't wait on Him. You're doing the right thing! Lots of love to you, sweet girl!


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