Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 6 of Commuting Begins

That just boggles my mind that it's already the 6th week of D working in Memphis. We have now gotten into a little routine. I spend Sundays doing his laundry for the week & packing everything back up. After we get the car loaded with his luggage & groceries, I pray over him.  Then I stay up until I know he has safely arrived at work. I no longer cry anymore. That only happened the first 2 weeks. ;)

I miss D, but I am not at all a wife who pines for him while he is gone. I know he will be returning at the end of the week & he's gone to work. The weekends are all the more sweeter when he gets home though.

It feels like I have been packing for forever. But I have been taking my time. I would say at this point 70% of the house is packed. We have yet to tackled the dreaded shed. The weather has not cooperated when we had planned on working in it. And it is going to be a 2 man job for sure. I have packed the inside of the house all by myself & that is absolutely OK with me. I am organizing & labeling as I go. D doesn't do things to my liking. So to keep anxiety down, it's best I do this on my own. 

This week I am going to be painting our bedroom furniture. Yay! It's something I have wanted to do for far too long. And I decided since I am not sure where we will be living or if the place will have the space for me to paint, I best do it now.

(photo taken from google)

This is how I am going to be painting it. Distressed black. So excited about it!

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