Thursday, January 06, 2011

Week 4 Of Commuting

Something happened to D's back Monday, not quite sure what. But he's in pain. His meds & stuff he uses for his back are here (should have packed it). So he is having to just suffer through it. I just hate that.

I have not been feeling so good myself. Just a combo of things. So, I didn't do any packing this week until today. But it was slow moving. I got our room completely packed up though....4 boxes of pajamas later (there was way more..Haha!). What can I say? I live in my PJ's! My new Memphis neighbors better get ready for me & my beautimous around the house self. I didn't get rid of any clothes in my dresser & cabinet. I had forgotten that I had taken 3 garbage bags of stuff to the thrift store not ago.

Here's my stalker...Uuummmm....I mean helper, in the midst of bedroom packing chaos.

I plan on tackling my closet & bathroom tomorrow. There is still sooooo much to pack! I feel like I am making progress until I walk into another room & it hasn't been touched yet.

We had planned on not taking our couch with us & getting something after we got there. But the longer D has to stay in an extended stay hotel, the smaller our budget gets. And as of now there is none for a couch. 
So, I guess ours will go with us, because it could be a long time before we can buy one,
Maybe I can get Mom to come up to Memphis & help me recover ours. *hint hint*

It is still hard to wrap my brain around the fact that probably by the end of this month, I will be calling Memphis my new home. As I sat of the bed folding clothes into a box, I was thinking about how surreal it all is. I really am hoping that house is ours. Just thinking about making that little house "our" place does help me. Living in "limbo-land" is not easy for me. I am someone who likes to know, when, where & why.

To answer some questions that have been asked....

Memphis is 4 1/2 hrs from here. Not as close as you think, but not as far either.

And this is not my first time to move. I moved to LA, when I was 22 & carefree. I lived there for a year & in that year got married. D & I moved back to Alabama & we were here for over a year, when we moved back to LA for D to go to sound school. Stayed for over a year & returned back to Alabama were we have been ever since.

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  1. As far as packing goes... take it one room at a time! I've moved 5 times now and its not so bad. Granted the first time was out of my parents house and there wasn't a lot to move and the 2nd time was in the middle of planning a wedding and finding a job so it was by far the worst move. The last 3 haven't been so bad.


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