Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No House/Ice/A Win!

We didn't get the house. I won't lie, I was extremely disappointed. I had envisioned life in that little house. Especially after D had sent me photos of everything. I had begun to get a little bit excited too! But it was the only house we have actually looked at in this whole process. I talked to a friend who just recently moved & is in the same type of situation we are in. And she told me to not get emotionally attached to any of the homes we see. That wasn't some earth shaking advice, but it hit me. I do get emotionally attached to just about everything in my life. This is a whole new experience for us, though. We have never had to search for a place to live. Other than living with both sets of in-laws, we have lived in ministry housing & the place we live now, we rent from my parents. So, this is an even bigger big deal. Anyway....

D got to stay home an extra day because of the Winter Storm. He may stay home even one more day since the roads to Memphis are still icy & are closed.

Here are some photos I took today...

D's winter attire. Goofball.

Then tonight we watched the BIG game! Which our team Auburn won!!!! They are now the National Champions!!! It was an incredible game!

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  1. So sad that you didn't get that house- there are bigger and better things waiting! I know when we moved here we put a $900 deposit on house that we thought we would LOVE and then ended up going with something different- we lost the $900... that made me sick! Better to wait it out and see what the Lord has!

    Love the ice pictures!


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